Agents at Sweet Group Realty Receive:


After 20 transactions per calendar year, your transaction fee goes down to just $250/transaction.

$0 Monthly Fees

No Hidden Fees.
No Monthly Fees.
No Tech Fees.

Mentorship Program

All new agents will be mentored by our Director of Training for their first 3 transactions. Agents will receive support and training to launch their real estate careers.

Transaction Management

Save time and money at Sweet Group Realty. Our in house transaction manager gives you more free time by handling your pending transactions and listings, opening escrow and setting reminders in your calendar all at NO COST.

Broker Support

You have direct access to our Broker to answer questions and help you succeed. With over 10 years of experience, he has the ability to support you in your real estate career.

Interested in Learning More?

Interested in Learning More?

Limited Access – Invite Only


We generate Thousands of leads every month and have systems and processes in place to help you achieve success. We also assist in setting appointments so you can do what you love…. selling homes! We have one of the highest conversion rates in the industry. Agents who have joined us have closed more deals in 1 year than they have anywhere else in their careers at other firms.


Results matter.  A new agent on our team typically out performs the seasoned “vet” their first year! Surround yourself with the best agents in the Treasure Valley and success will follow.


To be competitive in your field, you need the best systems and processes to help keep you on track, and consistently closing deals, helping with the lows and highs of real estate. We offer our agents the LEADING systems / software that the industry offers. We strive to always be ahead of the curve in new technology.

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We have limited availability for our Premier Program. There are only a limted number of HIGH quality leads we can provide If you are interested in becoming a Premier Agent, inquire below:

What Our Agents Say:

Chuck Foster – The Nice Guy Real Estate

“ As a top agent in my field, I take the people I surround myself with serious, Sweet Group Realty has allowed me to expand my already successful business while being able to better serve my clientele“

John Scarpelli

“I am a firm believer of consistent education in order to continually grow your business, with several years in the industry ranging from real estate investing to new construction, I am able to use my knowledge to help others achieve the success they want!“

Bryan Gibson – Director of Training

“I love being a mentor and training new agents. Sharing my tips for success and watching others grow is a passion of mine“

Idaho’s First Lead Driven Brokerage