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5 reason to pack and move to downtown Boise

Boise keeps on growing and flourishing. People are taking notice, too.

The city has plenty to offer to all comers. Its endless recreation entices people to explore the foothills and the Boise River Greenbelt. Lovers of art, cultural experience and fine dining will also find an escape.

If you’re thinking about moving into a big city, read on to learn about the upsides of moving on up.

Transportation options

By definition, urban cores have more to offer in terms of destinations and attractions. As a result, residents enjoy greater public transportation options and walkability scores.

Yes, parking will be a factor, but with so many ways to get around, it could be a non-factor. Public transportation and walkability are affordable options to move from Point A to Point B. Going vehicle-free is also the right thing to do for the environment.

It can also be possible to do away with having a vehicle at all, which will dramatically lower monthly expenses, such as car payments, insurance and maintenance costs.

Save money

Stay with us on this one. Typically, living in the city means everything costs more.

But as a city flourishes and thrives, more money is invested into programs that benefit the public at-large. Free education, entertainment and other events will invite residents and visitors to partake on something special that’s budget friendly. Bigger cities have businesses that are more likely to offer rewards and discounts, as well.

More medical options

Any ranking of quality hospitals and health services will list bigger cities first. The number of beds and hospitals will align with the number of residents. The bigger the population, the more options people will get to choose from.

Bigger cities will also have lower premiums and advanced care services for seniors.


If you’re embarking on a new career or looking for new relationships, big city living presents greater social and networking possibilities.

Millions of people within an area increases the likelihood of finding new groups, business associations and friends. This dynamic is simply impossible in smaller towns or rural areas.

As the pandemic winds down, it’ll be easier to meet up with folks in coffee shops, festivals, restaurants and other gathering places. Every day will bring a new social adventure; it’ll also be easier to network with professionals in your field.

Lower unemployment

If you’re starting fresh, there’s good news: unemployment rates are typically much lower in bigger cities.

Finding a new employer that pays well can ease the transition into urban living. And with the many networking opportunities, you can fast track your career and earning potential.

Credit score boost

According to Experian, living in a larger city has a correlation to higher credit scores.

The reason behind this is possibly tied to the fact there’s more financial activity residents will engage in when living in larger cities. As a result, they can more quickly build strong payment histories and diversify their credit holdings.

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