Top 10 Neighborhoods in Caldwell ID

Posted by Jeffery Sweet on Friday, August 30th, 2019 at 8:00am

Top 10 Neighborhoods in Caldwell IDPeople who have moved to Caldwell, Idaho have a lot of good things to say about this city. Aside from the fact that the cost of living in the area is 5% lower than the national average, it also has a very low unemployment rate. Housing costs are not as astronomical as other similar cities, and those who bought homes in the city last year saw an increase in their property’s value by almost 20%.

If you are looking to relocate to this city, now is the time to do so as home values are set to go up further in the coming years, making your home a sound investment. Better start searching for Caldwell homes for sale the soonest time possible.

If you are considering moving to Idaho, particularly in Caldwell, here are some neighborhoods that you might want to consider looking into:


Formally called The Aspens, this planned community is one of the many great neighborhoods that are conveniently situated near lots of amenities. It’s just a short drive away from Caldwell Industrial Airport and is close to Lake Lowell’s northern parks.

People who love the outdoors will love this community for its close proximity to Mallard Park and Lake Lowell Picnic Park. There are a few schools nearby, like the Central Canyon Elementary School and Vallivue Middle School, making it a great community for those with school-age kids.

Homes in this enclave come with living spaces that range in size from a decent 1,215 square feet to a sizable 2,710 square feet. Home configurations come in 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, and 5-bedroom options. As for the prices, they range from a low of $196,000 to a high of $336,000.

Residents cite the neighborhood’s cleanliness, safety, and walkability as its strong points.

Delaware Park

Located northeast of the Caldwell Industrial Airport and south of Highway 20/26, this subdivision is one of many places that offer residents the comfort, security, and peacefulness of a planned community.

Homes in this neighborhood come in 3-bedroom to 5-bedroom configurations, with floor areas ranging from 1,125 to 2,710 square feet. Most of these residences have large front lawns, wide sidewalks, and tree-lined driveways. Prices of homes in this community range from a low of $181,000 to a high of $298,000.

Delaware Park is considered a family-friendly community with a few schools nearby, namely the Vision Charter School, Thomas Jefferson Charter School, and Skyway Elementary School.

Windsor Creek

Located north of Karcher Road and east of Lake Avenue is this community that is a great place for families. This suburban neighborhood is loved by its residents due to its cleanliness, peacefulness, and welcoming nature.

Love walking? This place is also considered very walkable by its residents due to the wide sidewalks that are on every street here. The community also has its own small park, complete with a children’s playground and a sports court.

Homes in this subdivision range in size from 1,400 to 2,050 square feet, with configurations that include 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom options. As for the prices, they range from a low of $224,000 to a high of $271,000.

Schools located nearby are the Central Canyon Elementary School, which is only a mile and a half to the west, and Vallivue Middle School as well as Vallivue High School.

Those who love the outdoors and the water will love it here since it is just a few minutes drive away from the northern shores of Lowell Lake.

Sienna Hills

If you are looking for a neighborhood in Caldwell that is only a short walk away from the lake, Sienna Hills is a great option. It’s also just a couple of blocks east of Mallard Park. The community is clean, peaceful, walkable, and family-friendly.

Homes in this community come in configurations that include 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom options, with floor areas ranging from 1,602 to 2,582 square feet in size. These homes have rather sizable front yards with well-maintained lawns. As for the prices, they can range from $257,000 to $379,000.

Families with school-age kids can send their children to Lakevue Elementary School, which is a little over a mile away from the community, and to Vallivue Middle School and Vallivue High School, which are also nearby.

Weston Pointe

If you’re not really into water activities and the great outdoors but want a home that is near lots of conveniences like grocery stores, restaurants, and entertainment options, Weston Pointe is the perfect choice for you.

This subdivision is located a short distance from Interstate 84 (I-84) and is near Cleveland Boulevard, where you can find lots of restaurants, stores, and a Walmart. It is also near a few schools, such as the Central Canyon Elementary School and Vallivue High School, making it an ideal community for families to live in.

Homes in this neighborhood range in size from 1,339 square feet to 3,118 square feet and come in 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom configurations. These residences sell for $232,000 upwards, with most homes having sizable front yards and even bigger back yards.

People who live in this community love the combination of quiet suburban living and the easy convenience of jumping to other places in Nampa, Boise, and Meridian.

Other Top Neighborhoods in Caldwell

Other communities that complete this top-10 list include Virginia Park and Voyage Crossing, both of which are located north of I-84 and have large homes ideal for large families.

Montecito Park, which is also located north of the interstate, is where you will find mid-sized homes that sell for around $230,000.

Rounding out this list of 10 neighborhoods you will want to move to in Caldwell are Fieldcrest Village, which is just north of Karcher Road, and Manchester Park, which is a sprawling subdivision with 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom homes.

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