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It seems a lot of people around the United States believe that they can save money by trying to sell their house themselves. We get it, it seems logical that you could save money by doing it all yourself, and some have done it successfully. Some have not. Here in Boise, Idaho we are trying to help sellers understand this process.

Let's take a look at the reality of trying to sell your own home, because it's important to understand why it might be a bad idea for the majority of home owners.

Here are 6 ways real estate agents can help save you thousands of dollars selling your home for you.

1) A real estate agent near you can accurately identify a price that will get the seller the most out of their home in that area. They know the neighborhoods…

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What Is an Open House?Do you have condos for sale in Boise, Idaho that you want listed with a trusted local real estate agency?

You’re in luck as the market is hot for sellers. Idaho is one of the states with the fastest-growing population. In fact, it ranked first in that category for the past two years.

This doesn’t mean you can be complacent when it comes to your marketing strategies. Keep in mind that you’re not the only one selling a property.

Besides adding your property to popular market listings, such as those of Sweet Group Realty, you can also schedule an open house.

So, what exactly is an open house?

Usually, when you have a property up for sale, you place it on a listing, which brokers, agents, and prospective buyers will look into. When they want to see your…

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Fruitland ID Market Trends for July 2019The city of Fruitland, Idaho is famous not only because of its seemingly omnipresent fruit orchards but also because of its capability to cater to all the needs of the people in the community. Situated in the wonderful Payette County, specifically along the US Route 95 in the Treasure Valley, it is known as one of the best places to live in the state, offering diverse and friendly neighborhoods, competitive schools, and great public facilities. No wonder why there are many people seeking real estate properties for sale in the city.

Fruitland ID Real Estate Market Trends for July 2019

Fruitland has a population of 5,234 and has been increasing steadily for the past few years. In 2016, the population was recorded to be 4,967 which grew 1.91% to 5,062…

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Homes For Sale In Kuna ID With homes that are just under two decades years old, Kuna is proving to be a sought-after spot for buyers. Homes for sale in Kuna, ID are the lowest in Ada County. Kuna is easily accessible right off the freeway and just 10 miles south of Meridian. Not to mention, as compared with its neighbor in Canyon County, Kuna residents have a shorter commute to the city and lower property taxes. Here’s what you need to know about the real estate trends in this town.

Kuna Distressed Property Report

Are you looking to maximize your budget and find a low-priced property for sale? A distressed property, one that is under foreclosure or being sold by the lender, might be the best option for you. Fortunately, Kuna has distressed properties on the market, and they…

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Homes For Sale In Star IDBoasting safe and welcoming communities, Star is ranked as one of the best places to raise a family in the region of Canyon County in Idaho. It is a rapidly developing city west of Boise that offers magnificent views of the Snake River Plain.

This article explains why Star is one of the top up-and-coming places to find your new home.

 Star ID Real Estate Market Trends for July 2019

Star ID homes for sale has experienced a 10.4% increase in value, which is predicted to rise up to 7% next year. Because of this, real estate in the city has become a competitive market where there are plenty of properties you can choose from.

There are now 210 properties listed on the market with prices ranging from $79,900 to $4,000,000. The starting price for a house…

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Homes For Sale In Caldwell ID Straddling the picturesque Boise River, Caldwell serves as the first major city and western entrance to Idaho’s charming Treasure Valley. Its convenient location, great neighborhoods, and top-notch amenities have made it one of the state’s most liveable places to live in these past few years.

 The city guarantees prime real estate properties and homes for sale to those who want to be its newest residents.

 Caldwell Real Estate Market Trends for July 2019

According to a recent survey, Caldwell is home to 54,660 residents, with more than 16,200 total housing units. The median house value in the city to be $194,061, which is way lower than the national average of $226,800.

Although thousands of homes were sold across Idaho during the fourth quarter of…

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How To Calculate Home EquityHome equity is one of the things most homeowners may not know, which makes calculating it complicated. To put it plainly, home equity is the portion of your home that you truly own, considering that you have borrowed money toward buying it. The remaining portion is still owned by your lender until you have fully paid your debt. Home equity is often used to help homeowners determine how much they can sell their homes for.  It also increases as you pay off your existing loan and as the current value goes up. It is also used by some people to calculate how much they can take out a home equity loan. 

Determining Your Home’s Current Home Equity Value

If you are thinking of selling your home or are wondering if you can take out a home equity loan,…

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5 Things Every Seller Must Do To Sell Their HomeSelling your home is one of the most stressful undertakings a person can do.  It's right up there with death and divorce!   Much of the stress comes from the combination of the unknown and the fear of costs associated with getting help when selling from a great Boise real estate agent.   FEAR can be an acronym of "False Expectation Appearing Real."   When it comes to Nampa ID homes for sale, they all pretty much face the same challenges and processes.  In fact, there are 5 things every home seller must do to sell their home.

1. Get Your Payoff Amount From Your Mortgage Company

Before you begin the process of selling your home you should at least know what the total amount is.  You should know that the amount you owe on your mortgage statement isn't…

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