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Boise, Idaho and the cities that surround it, also known as Treasure Valley, have raised plenty of famous people in recent history. Below we will go over some of those celebrities from around Idaho, but mostly close to Boise.

Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul was born in Emmett, Idaho which is just north of the city of Star, which is just north of Boise and Meridian. Aaron has gone on to star in many movies, including the recent hit film "El Camino," the spinoff Breaking Bad movie from Netflix.

Jake “The Snake” Plummer was born and raised in Boise, Idaho and was a three-sport star before he moved on to college football and then the pros where he had a ten year career spent playing for the Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals.

Sarah Palin, the Republican nominee for Vice President of the United States in 2008 was born in Standpoint, Idaho before moving to Alaska where she would become the 9th governor of that state.

A.J. Feeley was born in Caldwell, Idaho.  He played 11 seasons in the NFL for teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins and the St. Louis Rams. AJ also played College Football for the Oregon Ducks before being drafted in the 5th round (#155 overall). 

Another famous person from Boise, Idaho is Kimberlee Peterson who is a well know American actress. She has been acting since she was just a teenager and has had many featured roles in different shows. Some of them being Undressed, Secret Cutting, The Young and the Restless, Farewell My Love, The West Wing, Boston Public and Serious Moonlight.

Another native of Boise is Kristin Armstrong who was an Olympic gold medal cyclist in 2008 and again in 2012 She is known as one of the most decorated U.S. women's cyclists of all time and the best time trialist in sports history. She is a three-time winning Olympic Gold Medalist, two-time World Champion and has won six U.S. National Championships.

Meridian which is located near Boise is considered the state's fastest-growing city. This city also can lay claim to having many famous people call it home.

Tyler Shoemaker is one of the famous people from Meridian, Idaho. He was born September 14, 1988. He played college football for Boise State, and was a four year stand out player on the team before moving on to the NFL where he played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Randy Tolsma was also born in Meridian, Idaho on May 4, 1966 is a former race car driver. He was a racer his whole live starting with go-karts at the tender age of nine, before moving into sprint cars, running as high as USAC, where he won four track championships.

Ronald C. "Ron" Packard, D.M.D. is a native of Meridian, Idaho he was born January 19, 1931 who is a retired Republican politician from California who served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1983 to 2001.

Vern Law was also from Meridian, Idaho, born March 12, 1930, he is an American former baseball pitcher who played sixteen seasons in Major League Baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He played in 1950 to 1951 and again in 1954 until 1967.

Bill Gore born January 25, 1912 was from Meridian, Idaho and he was a famous American businessman and entrepreneur who co-founded W. L. Gore and Associates with his wife, Genevieve. He was honored with numerous business, education, and community awards, including a University of Delaware Medal of Distinction in 1983) and an honorary doctorate in humanities in 1971 from Westminster College. He also received the Prince Philip Award for Polymers in the Service of Mankind; He was inducted posthumously into the Plastics Hall of Fame in 1990.

Singer-songwriter Thom Pace was also born in Boise. With his biggest hit song "Maybe", circa 1979, Thom became well known, especially after the hit show Grizzly Adams used the song as it's opening theme. Thom now resides in Northern Idaho.

Cody Pickett was born in Caldwell, Idaho and played College Football at the University of Washington, where he eventually because the starting Quarterback after backing up Marques Tuiasosopo for the first couple of years. Cody went on to play in the NFL for the 49ers, Texans, Raiders and also for the Canadian Football League. 

Genevieve Cortese (Padalecki) lived in Sun Valley, Idaho. She had a recurring role on Supernatural, where she also met her future husband, Jared Padalecki. She had a lead role on the series Wildfire and most recently had a role as Veronica in the movie Hated (2012).

Actor Jay Pickett (unsure of relation to Cody Pickett) grew up in Caldwell, Idaho and has been on many television shows, including General Hospital and Port Charles during the 2000's. He also received his Bachelor's degree in acting from Boise State University. 

Matt Paradis is a current NFL player for the Carolina Panthers. Matt was born in Council, Idaho and later played College Football at Boise State. As a Center (OL) he was drafted as the 207th pick (round 6) by the Denver Broncos, whom he won a Super Bowl with.

Cheryl Paris is an actress that has appeared on many TV shows, including Matlock, Columbo, T.J. Hooker and The Renegades. She also appeared on movies such as Me, Myself and I, starring George Segal (The Goldbergs, Just Shoot Me). 

Lou Dobbs lived in Rupert, Idaho. He nearly attended Idaho State University and the University of Idaho before applying to and getting accepted at Harvard University, where he would get his BA in Economics. 

Singer-songwriter Peter Cetera is a resident of Ketchum, Idaho, where he has lived since the 1980's. Mr. Cetera is quite the legend, known for major hits with Chicago and as a solo artist. With Chicago he sung the song "If You Leave Me Now," arguably the band's greatest hit of all-time. "Glory of Love" and "The next time I fall" are 2 hits he had after leaving the band Chicago. 

Ernest Hemingway had a summer home in Ketchum, Idaho, where he would later spend the remainder of time before taking his own life. Mr. Hemingway was well known as a Journalist and Novelist. While he only lived 61 years he had survived many accidents that left him in pain for the rest of his life. He was well known for his novels "Whom the Bell Tolls", "A Farewell to Arms" and "The Old Man and the Sea".

Mark Felt was born in Twin Falls, Idaho. He was known for his role in the Watergate scandal that rocked the White House and America, and led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. He received his BA from the University of Idaho in 1931 and went on to become the 2nd Associate Director of the FBI. Felts would later reveal that he was "Deep Throat", the anonymous source that provided detailed information to The WaPo reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. 

Dirk Koetter was born in Pocatello, Idaho and is currently the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League. He also served as Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 2016-2018 after serving as their OC the year prior to that. Dirk attended Idaho State University to play football and received his bachelor's degree in 1981.

George Kennedy spent the remainder of his years in Eagle, Idaho. He was a well known actor having played roles in Cool Hand Luke, Airport, The Flight of the Phoenix, Earthquake, The Dirty Dozen and many more. Mr. Kennedy also served in the US Army as a Captain and fought in WW2. 

Picabo Street was born in Triumph, Idaho. Although she retired in 2002 she was in the 94, 98 and 2002 Olympics and medaled twice (one Gold). 

Lillian Disney was born in Spalding, Idaho and was known as not just the wife of Walt Disney, but also as an ink artist, having been credited in films and also being credited as the person who named Mickey Mouse. 

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