Caldwell ID Market Trends for July 2019

Posted by Jeffery Sweet on Tuesday, July 30th, 2019 at 2:52pm

Homes For Sale In Caldwell ID Straddling the picturesque Boise River, Caldwell serves as the first major city and western entrance to Idaho’s charming Treasure Valley. Its convenient location, great neighborhoods, and top-notch amenities have made it one of the state’s most liveable places to live in these past few years.

 The city guarantees prime real estate properties and homes for sale to those who want to be its newest residents.

 Caldwell Real Estate Market Trends for July 2019

According to a recent survey, Caldwell is home to 54,660 residents, with more than 16,200 total housing units. The median house value in the city to be $194,061, which is way lower than the national average of $226,800.

Although thousands of homes were sold across Idaho during the fourth quarter of 2018, there was still a noticeable drop in the number of homes sold compared to the fourth quarter of 2017. The drop was seen not only in the city of Caldwell but also in the entire Canyon County.

However, like other places in Canyon County, Caldwell homes for sale has also seen an increase in sale prices over the years. Compared to the last quarter of 2017, sales prices went up by almost 15% in 2018, with come houses reaching a listing price of $250,000. According to Trulia, the city showed a 1% week-over-week rise in average listing price as well as a 2% rise in median rent per month. Meanwhile, it is predicted these numbers to increase by 13% within the following year.

Homes for sale in this area are also reported to be sold and bought within an average of 48 days. And, based on previous data, this will only get shorter towards the end of the year and will spike by January.

Caldwell Distressed Property Report

Caldwell has a 1.1% delinquency index on mortgages, which is equal to the national average. According to RealtyTrac, 1 in every 5,832 homes in Caldwell is up for foreclosure. These properties are scattered across the region but are significantly higher in number in the 83605 and 83607 zip areas.

It was also reported that half of these distressed properties are bank-owned, while the others are up for auction. However, their total number has gone down compared to the previous year.

More About Caldwell Real Estate

The most common type of property in Caldwell is a single-family detached home with three or four bedrooms. Over 64% of the properties are owned by the residents, while the rest are either rented or vacant.

Caldwell real estate is also considered to be some of the newest in the US, as 43% of the housing units in the city were built in the early 2000s. If a more modern home is what you are going for, Caldwell is definitely a good place for you.

Also, Caldwell real estate has appreciated by over 37% in the last decade; which means an average annual home appreciation of 3.26%. These numbers are higher than 90% of the other cities and towns in Idaho and have put the city in the top in terms of real estate appreciation.

Their properties are even considered to be some of the best long-term real estate investments you can make in the country.

Caldwell Crime Statistics

One thing to take note if you are considering Caldwell as your new home is the relatively low crime rate in this city.

According to reports, Caldwell has not seen any increase in any violent or non-violent crimes in over a decade. Its overall crime rate is almost 57% lower than the national average, making it safer than the majority of the areas in the state.

Green Spaces

Caldwell also advocates for green spaces which are considered essential for the well-being and prosperity of any community.

On top of inviting residents to get out more, there are new green construction projects in the downtown area, which in turn increased the value of the properties in the city.

The Caldwell Indian Creek Plaza is just one of the many successful examples of properties that have been redeveloped in the downtown area. So if you are considering moving to this city, looking into homes that are sustainable or promoting an environment-friendly way of life, you would not have any problem at all. Contact us to know more!

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