Best Places To Live In Idaho In 2019

Posted by Jeffery Sweet on Friday, July 19th, 2019 at 1:12pm

Best Places To Live In IdahoWhen raising a family, the neighborhood in which they live plays a vital role in their upbringing. Neighborhoods are evaluated based on the number and quality of schools, family-friendly amenities, households with kids, crime rate, and other factors. Among the U.S. states, Idaho, the Gem State, scored high in family friendliness, making neighborhoods desirable for raising a family. Meridian, for example, has more than 30% of households with kids and a score of 58 on family-friendly amenities. Aside from being a thriving agricultural state, Idaho is also home to several scenic destinations and peaceful communities. This place is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and homebodies at the same time. Whether you’re raising a family or planning to start one, choosing the best community to live in is important. Here are the Best Places To Live In Idaho that are ideal for families, both big and small:


One of the fastest-growing cities in Idaho is Meridian, and it’s not surprising since it is conveniently close to natural attractions and activities. Residents can choose to go camping, hiking, or fishing without having to drive for hours. Families will never run out of things to do. Its population has risen over the past years, but it still retains the feeling of living in a quaint neighborhood with an urban lifestyle. In terms of safety, Meridian is considered one of the safest cities in Idaho. The crime rate is significantly dropping, with only minor crimes being reported, such as theft or burglary. In addition, education is a priority for the community causing prices for homes for sale in Meridian to rise. Residents can choose from public and private schools around the city. Wherever your home is located in Meridian, you’ll be close to restaurants, grocery stores, parks, gyms, and libraries. Best of all, Meridian has a low cost of living, allowing you to enjoy living in this beautiful and peaceful city without breaking the bank.

Best Places To Live In Idaho


When it comes to raising a family, this city is considered to be one of the best-rated cities even though it’s smaller than Boise. However, there are several establishments where you can shop, dine, and run errands. And anything you can’t find in Nampa is just a short ride away in Boise. Nampa is home to many kid-friendly neighborhoods. Its residents are proud of the low crime rate, which is a result of a moral community where people look out for each other. Plus, the schools here are excellent, offering academic programs for high school students that specialize in college-level courses. Most importantly, there is a wide variety of homes for sale in Nampa. Whether you want a large house with a sprawling backyard or a small and cozy place close to the neighbors, you’ll find one that suits you.


If you want a balance of outdoor recreation and urban living, Boise real estate offers this perfect combination. Your family will enjoy living in downtown during weekdays and relaxing in nature’s attractions on weekends. Aside from going to work and school, residents will always find something to see and do, with over 90 parks to choose from and restaurants, museums and even opera houses. Idaho’s capital city is teeming with trees alongside the concrete buildings. It has a diverse culture, which makes it a fun and lively place, especially the downtown district. Incoming college students may choose to attend Boise State University and the satellite campuses of the University of Idaho and Idaho State University. The climate in Boise is one major draw for residents to this city. The summer days aren’t too hot, the winter season isn’t harsh, and spring and fall are pleasant. The crime rates are also low compared to other major cities in the US. All of these factors make Boise one of the best places to live in Idaho to raise a family.


With almost 30,000 residents, Eagle City is not a large community, but it is one of best places to live in Idaho for families. It has an ‘old town’ ambiance with its boutiques, eateries, and coffeehouses in original stone buildings. The roads are lined with trees and greenery, as well as pockets of parks where children and pets come to play. Eagle prides itself in bringing different cultural perspectives together, creating a welcoming and inclusive community where people are safe and respected. Health also plays an important part in Eagle’s success — their medical community is renowned among world-class doctors and practitioners. Additionally, there is no shortage when it comes to outdoor activities since the Boise River, Boise Greenbelt, and Eagle State Park are all easily accessible. Despite being a homey and quaint city, the homes for sale in Eagle suit the modern family. The most challenging part of moving here is choosing which house to purchase. The beautiful homes, friendly neighborhood, and rich culture of this city will surely entice you to live here.

Idaho truly lives up to its nickname as the Gem State. With its natural resources and lots of action and adventure waiting for you, you and your family will never run out of things to try and enjoy. Idaho's beautiful scenery is its real gem along with its robust economy. If you are after homeownership and loves spending plenty of time outdoors with your family, then this state is the perfect choice for you. Sweet Group Realty will help you find the right home in Idaho where you and your family can take roots. Contact us to get started.

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