6 Ways a Real Estate Agent Can Help You Save THOUSANDS of Dollars

Posted by Jeffery Sweet on Wednesday, November 20th, 2019 at 8:04pm

It seems a lot of people around the United States believe that they can save money by trying to sell their house themselves. We get it, it seems logical that you could save money by doing it all yourself, and some have done it successfully. Some have not. Here in Boise, Idaho we are trying to help sellers understand this process.

Let's take a look at the reality of trying to sell your own home, because it's important to understand why it might be a bad idea for the majority of home owners.

Here are 6 ways real estate agents can help save you thousands of dollars selling your home for you.

1) A real estate agent near you can accurately identify a price that will get the seller the most out of their home in that area. They know the neighborhoods and they have all the data they need to look at what houses in that area are selling for. Their experience in these local areas also help them understand the pros and cons of the pricing of your property. Sure, you could access some of this data and give it a shot yourself, but do you talk to other agents in your area and know the stories behind that data? You could be missing out on some important details.

2) A local real estate agent can provide staging and consulting on minor items that can be done around the home to increase the value of the property. Most agents have experience in homes similar to yours, even near your area, and they know what needs to be done to help prepare the house for a quick sale. Local trends can play a big role in the sale of your home. This is just more ways your agent can provide a ton of value.

3) An agent has experience in marketing homes so that they can bring as much attention as possible. That's right, they have experience in marketing properties just like yours, even in your neighborhood. That experience cannot be learned overnight and can make or break your marketing campaign.

4) Agents have a network of experienced professionals to recommend when they are needed (Attorneys, Title companies, Handymen, etc.). Sure, you might know a lot of people that do work like this, but do you have a list of multiple people in all of these areas just in case the other is not available? Having a network like this is invaluable. This is how agents get things done quickly and easily. Most can get good pricing as well since they bring some of these people a lot of work. They get referrals for many of these people/companies to ensure they're getting solid and reliable help.

5) An agent will not only negotiate the best price for you (the seller), they will also get the best terms for the seller. An example would be closing on the sale of their current home and their new purchase at the same time, since many home sellers want to move to another home nearby. 

6) Agents are experienced in paperwork/documentation and they help prevent any future legal issues that could arise from errors within those documents. This is an area that a lot of sellers overlook the home selling process. This documentation can come back to haunt you in legal situations if they are not done correctly. Your local agent can process this paperwork because of training and experience.

The bottom line is that Real Estate agents save you time and headaches. Instead of worrying about how to learn the entire process of selling a home, let an expert perform these tasks for you. They are "battle tested" and have already experienced the process, usually many times over. Imagine trying to do the paperwork on your home and making a critical mistake that comes back to haunt you, after spending dozens of hours trying to research HOW to do this paperwork.

Another reason to use a real estate agent is that they also understand how to navigate their way around home inspection issues and can help save money and time, legally.

So instead of spending months trying to research how to sell your house yourself, including dealing with marketing, sales and negotiating, no-shows, not understanding the legal implications behind the process and dealing with all the other headaches, consider your local real estate experts!

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