4 Reasons Idaho Real Estate is Booming

Posted by Jeffery Sweet on Monday, December 16th, 2019 at 7:33pm

The Idaho real estate market is booming and people are flocking to Boise and many of the other major cities in the Gem State. There are four major reasons why Idaho is becoming more appealing to people looking to buy a home and find a place to settle down in and we’re here to explain them to you.

 overlooking downtown boise idaho

Good Communities

Idaho has one of the lower crime rates in the nation and people who would like to live in peaceful neighborhoods are seeking out homes in Nampa, Parma, Star and other cities to get away from the less safe communities in other states. With these growing communities has come a renewed investment in the education system of the state and Idaho’s ranking in education for Pre-K through high school has climbed up to 26th and should continue to rise. Traffic, which is a huge headache in so much of the west coast isn’t a big deal in even the biggest cities in Idaho and allows for easy commutes to and from work.

More Bang For Your Buck

The west coast has become more and more expensive to live in and as a result people are taking a look at Idaho and it’s far more reasonable real estate prices and very attractive houses. While the skyrocketing price of real estate in California is making finding even an apartment you can afford in San Francisco or LA, people are finding that three-bedroom homes in Boise and Meridian that come with a mortgage that is within their budget.

No Stress Investing

Idaho real estate is surging and showing no signs of slowing down. With the massive influx of people fleeing the west coast it’s made Idaho’s real estate market practically recession proof. There are many experts who predict that even a recession that would impact most of America would have little, if any effect on the real estate prices here in Idaho. Knowing that you can invest in Idaho without fear of the market turning against you makes the real estate market here one of the best possible investments anyone could make. No matter if you’re looking to live in your home, flip houses, or invest long term in property you’ll do well to call a real estate agent in Boise and have them give you a tour of the properties for sale.

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Connect With The Outdoors

Idaho has the incredible beauty of the frontier still on display for everyone to see. From world class skiing and snowboarding you can enjoy all winter long to the world famous Lava Hot Springs that dot the state, to the national parks like the Caverns of the Moon national park monument Idaho has just about every possible way to enjoy the great outdoors covered. From enjoying beautiful blue skies in the day to starry nights free from light pollution you’ll truly be able to take in everything and see exactly why Idaho is a great place to live. From safe cities, to great prices, to great places to go, Idaho has all the bases covered. Learn more about Historical places to visit in Idaho.

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