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When planning a ski trip there are plenty of states to consider, but Idaho is the top choice for family ski trips. They have plenty of ski resorts to visit that have someone for everyone, between snowboarding, skiing, and all other winter activies you’’ll be sure to find the ski resort perfect for you and your family.

Bogus Basin is a mountain recreation area is a great place for you and your family to go for a ski trip. Located in Boise County, approximately 16 miles north by northeast of the city of Boise, Bogus Basin is one of the "hottest" places to visit during the winter. They have alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, a thrilling mountain roller coaster, to have some excitement when you’re too tired to ski another hill, winter tubing and

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There are many different things you can do in the state of Idaho, finding some historical places to visit when traveling or living in Idaho is just one of them. Idaho was on the frontier and part of the Wild West so it carries with it over a century of America’s legends and history.

There are a lot of different historical places to consider one of them is the Idaho Peace Officers’ Memorial. It is a wonderful historical place to visit in Meridian, Idaho. The purpose of the memorial is to try and acknowledge the sacrifices of all of these officers that have given their lives while on the line of duty for the people that live in the state. The memorial provides an area of solace for families, friends and even people who just want to come and see all of

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Boise, Idaho and the cities that surround it, also known as Treasure Valley, have raised plenty of famous people in recent history. Below we will go over some of those celebrities from around Idaho, but mostly close to Boise.

Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul was born in Emmett, Idaho which is just north of the city of Star, which is just north of Boise and Meridian. Aaron has gone on to star in many movies, including the recent hit film "El Camino," the spinoff Breaking Bad movie from Netflix.

Jake “The Snake” Plummer was born and raised in Boise, Idaho and was a three-sport star before he moved on to college football and then the pros where he had a ten year career spent playing for the Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals.

Sarah Palin, the

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It seems a lot of people around the United States believe that they can save money by trying to sell their house themselves. We get it, it seems logical that you could save money by doing it all yourself, and some have done it successfully. Some have not. Here in Boise, Idaho we are trying to help sellers understand this process.

Let's take a look at the reality of trying to sell your own home, because it's important to understand why it might be a bad idea for the majority of home owners.

Here are 6 ways real estate agents can help save you thousands of dollars selling your home for you.

1) A real estate agent near you can accurately identify a price that will get the seller the most out of their home in that area. They know the neighborhoods

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Top 10 Neighborhoods in Caldwell IDPeople who have moved to Caldwell, Idaho have a lot of good things to say about this city. Aside from the fact that the cost of living in the area is 5% lower than the national average, it also has a very low unemployment rate. Housing costs are not as astronomical as other similar cities, and those who bought homes in the city last year saw an increase in their property’s value by almost 20%.

If you are looking to relocate to this city, now is the time to do so as home values are set to go up further in the coming years, making your home a sound investment. Better start searching for Caldwell homes for sale the soonest time possible.

If you are considering moving to Idaho, particularly in Caldwell, here are some neighborhoods that you might want to

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Best Neighborhoods In Nampa IDIf you are thinking of moving to a city in Idaho that has a mild climate, a long list of outdoor activities for you to enjoy and a relatively low cost of living, then Nampa is a great choice. You’re in luck, there are plenty of Nampa Idaho homes for sale too.

If you decide to move, check out which neighborhoods are the best to relocate to. To help you out, here are ten of the best neighborhoods in the city that you can consider calling your home:

Copper River Basin

One of the top neighborhoods in this city that you will want to check out is this subdivision that combines country-style living with city-style convenience. The Copper River Basin Subdivision has lots of open spaces, tree-lined streets, and grassy pathways that residents can walk, bike,

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When it comes to Boise, Idaho real estate, everyone wants to buy low and sell high. That’s how you make money when buying a house, after all. The big question is how do you do that? Information, and a little calculation, is key. The success lies in the inventory.

You need to know how much inventory there is, and how that informs the type of market. Keep reading to find out.



What’s the Difference?

In short, the two types of markets are based on the principal of supply and demand. The more homes for sale, the better it is for buyers. They have better negotiating power, and of course, more options to choose from.

The less homes on the market, the better it is for sellers. It usually means they’ll make more money than they would in the

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What Is an Open House?Do you have condos for sale in Boise, Idaho that you want listed with a trusted local real estate agency?

You’re in luck as the market is hot for sellers. Idaho is one of the states with the fastest-growing population. In fact, it ranked first in that category for the past two years.

This doesn’t mean you can be complacent when it comes to your marketing strategies. Keep in mind that you’re not the only one selling a property.

Besides adding your property to popular market listings, such as those of Sweet Group Realty, you can also schedule an open house.

So, what exactly is an open house?

Usually, when you have a property up for sale, you place it on a listing, which brokers, agents, and prospective buyers will look into. When they want to see your

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10 Steps To Buying A Home In IdahoBuying a house is not like buying a new pair of shoes or a new dress. It involves more than just inspecting the home and saying “I will buy it”, then moving in the next day. There are many steps to buying a home, and if you are thinking of purchasing one of the many homes for sale in Caldwell ID that you have checked out, you should familiarize yourself with these steps.

10 Steps in Buying a House

To buy the house you want without a hitch, here are the things that you need to do:

1. Fix your finances and get them in order

Before you start browsing for any Boise real estate, you should first get your finances in order. This involves getting your financial history, credit score, and other information pertinent to your finances.

If you find a

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What Are Property TaxesAre you looking through the homes for sale in Fruitland, Idaho? Don’t just consider the purchase price - also, think about other expenses such as property taxes.

Life only has three constants: change, death, and taxes. As Americans, we're taxed on a lot of things that we often don't even know.  There's income, sales, probate (death and taxes), there are surcharge taxes for excessive income and there are real estate taxes.  In real estate, there are 3 taxes to be aware of, real estate or property taxes, real estate sales tax and capital gains tax. 

What Is a Property Tax?

Many homeowners may confuse different types of taxes. After all, they seem to sound the same! To make sure you end up paying the right amount (and you don’t get into trouble with

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